• History of Changes

    History of Changes – official corporate document reflecting each and every change of a company/legal entity from the very date of its incorporation up until the date of obtaining the…

  • Issuance of New Shares

    A Dutch private/public company may issue new shares in the share capital of a company at any time after incorporation.

  • Limited partnership (CV) Registration

    CV (Commanditaire Vennootschap) is a partnership incorporated by two or more partners. The managing partner oversees and manages the business while the financial (silent) partner does not take part in…

  • Ministerial Legalization

    Ministerial Legalization – official authentication and certification of a Dutch official document by the Ministry of the Netherlands, which confirms that the document has the full legal effect and may…

  • Minutes of Meeting

    Minutes of Meeting – official written record of any actions and/or decisions, made during a meeting of a company’s shareholders or directors.

  • Power of Attorney

    Power of Attorney – written authorization (proxy) of the director (or authorized representative) of the company/legal entity issued to a natural person/legal entity that grants that person/entity with powers to…

  • Private Limited Company (BV) Registration

    BV (Besloten Vennootschap) – a private company with limited liability. BV is the most commonly used legal form to conduct business in the Netherlands.

  • Public Limited Company (NV) Registration

    NV (Naamloze Vennootschap) – a public company with limited liability. NV is suitable for large businesses that are planning to launch IPO (Initial Public Offering) at the stock exchange. The…

  • Register of Beneficiaries

    Register of Beneficiaries – official corporate document reflecting┬áthe ultimate beneficial owner(s)` details and all other information related to the holding of an interest in a company/legal entity. Forming and keeping…

  • Register of Directors

    Register of Directors – official corporate document reflecting the list of the directors of a company/legal entity and their details.

  • Register of Shareholders

    Register of Shareholders – official corporate document reflecting┬áthe shareholders` details and all other information related to the holding of the company`s shares.

  • Remove (dismiss) a Director

    A Dutch company/legal entity may remove the director at any time. However, a company/legal entity must always have at least one director.