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Extract from Dutch Trade Register

Extract from Dutch Trade Register – official corporate document reflecting the basic information on the company/legal entity.

Company Search Report

Company Search Report – official corporate report that contains all current and historical information and documents that are available in the Dutch Trade Register for a particular company/legal entity.

Certificate of Tax Residence

Certificate of Tax Residence – official document confirming that a company/legal entity is a tax resident of the Netherlands. The certificate is issued by the Dutch Tax Authority and serves as a confirmation of tax residency in the Netherlands.

Register of Beneficiaries

Register of Beneficiaries – official corporate document reflecting┬áthe ultimate beneficial owner(s)` details and all other information related to the holding of an interest in a company/legal entity.

Annual Financial Report

Annual Financial Report – official corporate document reflecting the financial position of the company/legal entity, its assets, liabilities, etc.

Certificate of Good Standing

Certificate of Good Standing – official document confirming that the company/legal entity has no pending trials with the official authorities of the Netherlands and that the company complies with the applicable Dutch legislation in force.

Business Credit Report

Business Credit Report contains the corporate information and financial analyses of a company including a summary, company profile, credit scores, financial information, payment behavior, company structure, exceptional events, etc.

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Transfer company to new owners

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Change Official Address and contact details

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Liquidate company or close branches

Corporate Changes


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